Wits Moshal Scholars share their take on the 2018 Annual Event

Every year we are graced with such a wonderful opportunity to attend the Moshal Annual Event. Finding the perfect attire in preparation for the Saturday night is what lingers in the mind of every student, and trust me, the Saturday night is the cherry on top.

The weekend is fully packed with inspirational sessions for students in different years of study and degrees. For the IT panel we were honored to have Martin Moshal as one of the panelists. One of my fears is being incompetent in the corporate world, and it is so encouraging to hear different people’s journeys on how they got to where you aspire to be.

We live in a world where being realistic is the safest option. From a young age we are not encouraged to follow our passions but rather look for paths that will generate money. Unconsciously so, this affects us so that in everything we do we fail to reach our highest potential because we want to be “realistic”.  My eyes were opened to a whole new world of passion, talent and purpose. A fellow student suggested that “why don’t we study, generate money then pursue our passions.” (Katleho Mphuthi)

Every year, the Annual Event is a chance to deepen our understanding of the values and pillars of the Program. This year a new one was introduced: valuing leadership and cultivating such traits. Several opportunities were made available, from insightful discussions with the panelists to workplace readiness and inspiring speakers to great networking opportunities. This was yet again the full experience!

I have not forgotten the university presentations. There’s no competition there but we know which university brings it…

Thank you to the Moshal Team for making this possible and bringing us closer to family. Thank you to Martin for being an inspiring leader and a hero without a cape.” (Luyanda Mgwili)

By: Katleho Mphuthi and Luyanda Mgwili (Wits)