WITS 2020 Induction – A warm welcome!

This year our induction took place at the University of the Witwatersrand on the 8th of February 2020.

The Moshal Scholarship Program’s Induction is where we officially get to welcome the new students and welcome back our returning students into the program. 

The day was hosted by one of our enthusiastic and humorous students, Bongani Mthombemi. It started with a very warm welcome from our program coordinator Mrs. Shanaaz Randeria who gave us the expectations of what would happen during the program. We had a session about finances and budgeting, facilitated by our 3rd year Accounting Science student, Jedija Ntumba. Our Finance Officer, Val Jansen, spoke to us about the financial matters of the scholarship and how it integrates with other funding, such as NSFAS.

My highlight of the day was the motivational session we had with Muimeleli Mutangwa – a Ph.D. candidate, a successful entrepreneur, author of bestselling books and a remarkable poet.  The theme of the session was “bottom line’’ where he told us about the importance of coming to varsity with an exit strategy and to be aware of the limitations and opportunities that we will come across in our varsity journey.

After lunch, we were divided according to our years of study. The 1st and 2ndyear students had a session on PERLS assessments, SAKAI, and having an antivirus and general online support. The seniors (3rd and 4th year students) had an informative session with Pam Cherry (Careers Coordinator) about CV preparation, LinkedIn profiles, vacation work and interviews. Another highlight for the day was when the alumni shared their stories about the world of work, job hunting and how they got help by networking with employers at corporate breakfasts and career fairs. We did mock interviews and received an idea of what we will be dealing with from here onwards.

We ended the day with an awards ceremony and social session, which was a good time for the scholars to mingle and play games.  

A big thank you to Shanaaz Randeria for organising the induction, we appreciated the opportunity.

What did the induction mean to you?

  • Re-enforcement of what Moshal is all about (Masungulo Shibambo)
  • I belong and I’m included (Accolade Maseko)
  • Creating bonds (Zukiswa Seboto)
  • Opportunity to interact with the family (Gontse Makwe)
  • Unity is power (Pauline Khumalo)
  • Creating new opportunities for growth (Diandre Gomez)
  • A safe space for all (Otsille Motlhabi)
  • Opportunity to mingle (Nalesi Segale)
  • Source of information about varsity (Baliseng Booba)
  • Informative and inspiring event (Sylvia Honwani)

What are some of our student’s goals for 2020?

  • To do well in everything that I do (Zukiswa Seboto)
  • Get into an honors program for BAccSci with at least 2 distinctions (Bongani Mthombeni)
  • Pass every module with above 65%, get my drivers license and take part in a 5km race (Gontse Mankwe)
  • Be engaged in different training to broaden my skills (Abigail Mphela)
  • Secure vacation work (Kagiso Dude)

Written by Abigail Mphela, 3rd year BSc Biological Sciences at WITS