Who we are and what we stand for – the Moshal Scholarship Program

The Moshal Scholarship Program (MSP) was established in 2010 by Martin Moshal and its vision is to make a difference in the lives of students, their families, their communities and hopefully the wider world one day.

The MSP currently provides scholarships to over 700 Scholars in South Africa, Israel and the Ukraine to enable determined young people from challenging backgrounds to attend the top universities in their home countries. We offer scholarships to students in a select range of subjects, including engineering, IT and computer science, medicine and health sciences, natural sciences, economics, law and business.

The MSP provides funding for tuition, accommodation, text books, food and a small living allowance to enable the students, to focus full time on their studies without financial stress. The MSP offers personal support, as well as exposure to a variety of workshops for skills development, preparing the students for the job market and independent lives.

Moshal Scholars are selected because they have demonstrated the tenacity, ambition, resilience and commitment to succeed, despite the considerable challenges that they may have faced. We also select students who we believe embody the spirit and values of the Program. These include hard work, perseverance, tolerance, integrity, humility, accountability, caring, respect, community and the ‘​’Pay It Forward’​’​ principle of contributing to our Program and wider society one day. We do not expect our students to pay us back but we inculcate a philosophy of ‘’paying it forward’’ and we expect those students who can, to help others in future.

Our Selection Process is based on partnerships. We do not accept unsolicited applications from students. We partner with various organisations (NGOs, schools, municipalities etc.) in each country who work with high school students from challenging backgrounds, as well as with some financial aid offices at the universities concerned.

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