University Induction – Wits Medics!

The Induction kicked off with finance training; both budgeting and the process regarding financial support from the program. We went on to unpack the Moshal values, how they are incorporated into the contract and the general expectations every scholar should meet. We had an interesting talk on preparing for life after varsity and overcoming the challenges of student life. New students were given valuable technical support and a chance to assess their language skills. Senior students were prepared for the world of work through mock interviews and other interactive activities.

We had a mini academic award ceremony which served both to congratulate winners and motivate the group at large. Sunday brought us a phenomenal Medics session with alumni, faculty members and friends of the program. We had a philosophical discussion tackling stereotypes held in the medical community; advice on internships; and the general attitude that a student should have. During that time other students were introduced to the buddy program and had leadership training.

The highlights of the event were meeting the new students and imparting in them the little wisdom we have acquired; as well as seeing our alumni and being inspired by their success. Some students described the weekend as inspirational and motivational; informative; eye-opening; having helped them find family; and as a great networking opportunity.

Through the insight gained at induction, students were able to set their goals for the year which included passing with distinction; developing their soft skills; and being the best possible students.

Overall it was a jam packed event which also allowed us to mingle with other scholars. Every student left with the necessary tools to conquer the Wits edge, be effective in the workplace and make an impact in the world at large.

Written by Woniso Mazonde