UKZN Induction – the start of vision 2020

When one thinks of a Moshal Scholarship gathering, one cannot deny the fact that it is always a grand gathering which is well put together, with much thought and planning. This above statement is exactly what describes what was experienced at the 2020 Induction, 15 February 2020, at the UKZN Medical School.

Induction started with an introduction given by Jodi Bailey and Mandy Waller about the theme for the year which is Vision 2020. What is so profound about vision 2020 is that it relates to where we see ourselves going and where we want to be. 

Our first session was spent with Mandy Waller, who spoke about finances and our allowances. She explained how much our finances would be for the year, as well as how and when they will be given to us. We then had my favourite session of the day with a beautiful individual named Fiona on Neuroplasticity. Our next session was facilitated by Mandy Waller which focused on Mental Health. This is a topic that often goes by neglected due to many individuals not seeing the importance of maintaining good mental health. We then had a session on friendship building which was done by working in groups and explaining one of our Moshal values to others. Coffee with conversations is what followed which was done by asking each other various questions and made us form bonds with one another. We then had another awesome session with Jeremy from Sagea based on the world of work. He explained to us what is required of us as graduates when we complete our degrees. We then proceeded to mock interviews with alumni, Jeremy and Pam Cherry (our careers coordinator).

What does induction mean to you:

  • Mphoyanga Dzivhani (3rd year medicine) – Knowing new students
  • Mbuso Bhodi (2nd year pharmacy) – Socialising and making more friends
  • Malixole Mdutyama (3rd year medicine) – Communicating and meeting first years
  • Ngecbo Nkosi (Alumni) – Connect with students
  • Mnqobi Nzuza (4th year medicine) – Diversity, getting to know people
  • Sine Zulu (final year medicine) – Love, family and reunion
  • Mondi Zulu (1st year medicine) – Interesting and family bonding
  • Dagada Tshifhiwa (5th year medicine) – Connecting and meeting new people
  • Notando Simelane (5th year medicine) – Made me want to be better
  • Kay Ngoveni (BSc 2nd year) – Meeting new people

What are some of our UKZN students’ goals for 2020?

  • Stephen “Steve” Mabena (5th year medicine) – Striving for academic excellence
  • Mickaylin Desai (BCom 3rd year) – Being a better version of myself, reach my potential, don’t let challenges overcome me but make sure I overcome them and achieve academic success.
  • Jeradene Ramsingh (Biomed Hons) – Achieve awesome results for the year ahead.
  • Andiso Dludla (3rd year BCom Acc) – Improving my grades and do well in university.

Written by Mickaylin Desai, BCom at UKZN