UFS students welcomed to the Moshal family

The UFS induction was fun, informative and educational, especially for our first years. As a first year, getting to a new environment can be stressful, but with the services available on campus, their transition is much easier. For the senior students, the campus services presentation was helpful because some of the students never used services like CTL and Psychology.

On arrival at induction we were welcomed by Sivuyile, our MC for the day, followed by the annual event performance to welcome our first years. We then went through training, team building and an awards ceremony.  

The highlight of the day for me was the mock interviews, because it gave us insight into what we should expect going into the working world and taught other second years how to write a CV, as well as providing interview tips. Secondly, the CTL presentation was informative – they taught us how to write effectively, which will help us in our degrees to obtain good marks and to advance academic excellence in the core function of teaching and learning. Finally, the awards for me stood out because I believe it encourages other students who didn’t get the awards, to also work hard and obtain outstanding marks.

I asked some of the students what the induction meant to them and they all had different perspectives. Some said that they felt a sense of belonging and welcome, and felt like they have much more support and they are loved in the Moshal family. One of the answers that I found captivating was that we should love and tolerate one another and that we should not love someone because they look like you but love everyone – the Moshal family promote diversity and accepting everyone’s uniqueness. Above all I gathered that students are grateful to be part of such a program where you know you have people who love, care for you, and elevate you.

On the goals side many students said that they want to achieve excellent academic results. Others said they want to be involved in activities both on campus and in the scholarship so that they can develop and gain experience in working with people, as well as building their curriculum vitae and helping  others, which is one of our initiatives to pay it forward and help others where you can.

Written by Nomathemba Sithole, Honours in Forensic Genetics at UFS