UCT and Stellenbosch join forces for their 2019 Induction!

At their 2019 Induction, the Western Cape Moshal scholars from UCT and Stellenbosch University got a chance to explore and have fun at the Witzenburg Game Park from 1 – 3 March.

Getting University-ready

University is tough, and you need a strong backbone to survive it. The 1st years had a University Preparedness Program, where they engaged in topics such as Transitional challenges, Moshal support, conduct and expectations, a PERL’s tutorial, University based support (resources and access), as well as a presentation and sexual reproductive health talk with Dr Wilton Fredericks, a Moshal Alumni.

Training continued on day 2 with personal budgeting and finance skills, the 2019 training schedule and Career talks. “What stood out for me for the 2019 Induction was the training session on finances, mental health awareness and presenting. I have learnt so much from these sessions and am currently starting to apply it within my personal life and academics”, Moshal Scholar.

Mock interviews began after lunch for the 3rd and 4th year students with Nicole and the Alumni, while 1st and 2nd years learnt more about the Moshal values. The medical students tackled mental health in the medical profession with a talk by Kevin Henderson. “The Mock interviews for me were one of my highlights. Personally, I am afraid to answer any sort of formal questions in English, I always try and avoid interviews. The alumni gave me a lot of advice on how to answer certain questions and what the interviewer sees about me if I answer questions in a certain way”, Moshal Scholar.

Learning to work in teams

We were given a fictional company which we had to do a presentation about, on the JSE Triple Bottom Line.  It was fun and challenging to work with people from different backgrounds. In the end we learnt a lot about team work. Games were played to strengthen our team work skills and to see our ability to think outside of the box. Awards night was for students who achieved more than 75% in their academics in 2018. It was a very beneficial moment for the award winners and a motivational event for the ones who didn’t do well.

What did the induction mean to you?

  • Thabisile – Exploring, networking, support, motivation, and fun
  • Nathanael – Knowledge and support
  • Racquel – Giving rise to something.
  • Cynthia – Welcoming into a new family
  • Rabia – Inspiration for academic excellence
  • Hermane – The induction meant a lot to me because we were introduced into the Moshal family and shown the value and the importance of being a Moshal scholar and the support system we have.
  • Tauqeer – Teamwork, learning, fun, love and socialising
  • Mandilive – Fun, inspiring, humbling, love and eye-opening
  • Karabo – Growing as a united family
  • Esethu – Induction to me meant being given the opportunity to get to know my Moshal family, my fellow scholars, what the program stands for and my role as a scholar on both the program and the outside community.
  • Tabiso – Educational, fun, inspirational, worth- it, engaging
  • Samantha – Becoming part of the Moshal Family
  • Aubrey – Wonderful experience

What are some of our students’ goals for 2019

  • Thabisile – I just want to be positive when things don’t go according to plan. I want to unleash greatness. I want to thrive academically, I want to take care of my health (exercise more), and lastly, I want to strengthen my relationship with Christ, our Lord and saviour.
  • Nathanael – Complete first year, develop forex trading understanding.
  • Racquel – Academic success, physical well-being and PIF (I would like to start putting all the pieces of the puzzle together.
  • Cynthia – I aim to get distinctions in all my courses, to also do something to pay it forward, to be a good ambassador for Moshal by showcasing the Moshal values and to meet the standard that has been set by the senior students.
  • Rabia – Passing all my subjects, getting vac work and making new connections
  • Hermane – Simply work hard and to achieve a minimum of one A
  • Tauqeer – Short term goals:   100% attendance for all my lectures and tutorials, making DP requirements to write exams and getting at least 70%-80% towards my classwork mark. Long term goals: Making it on to the Dean’s Merit List, passing all my courses and getting 80% and above for all my courses
  • Mandilive – My main goal in 2019 is to pass my first year. My second goal is to Pay-it-forward and my third goal is to enjoy the year.
  • Karabo – Achieve 75% and above in Engineering Mathematics, master the skill of hand drawing (Engineering Drawing), learn the art of networking, take on a leadership role and do volunteer work, learn complex problem solving, creativity and critical thinking and master a skill outside my academic curriculum.
  • Esethu – To pass my first semester courses with a 70% average and to keep my scholarship.
  • Tabiso – I would like, to obtain a cum laude in my studies
  • Samantha – My greatest goal for the 2019 year is working very hard in my studies and to get at least two distinctions. I would also like to pay it forward by helping someone which is one of the values of Moshal Scholarship, I have already started with this goal as I gave one girl that was in need some of my clothes about two weeks ago. I would also like to go to church and build a relationship with God as last year I was working weekends and holidays and had little time on my hand hence I did not attend church that much
  • Aubrey – To pass all my courses

The Induction weekend always fulfils its purpose of creating community and laying out clear expectations. We leave the weekend energised and having a sense of belonging, love and support. “The highlight of the weekend was meeting with the Western Cape Scholars and Alumni. Meeting the Scholars made me feel as part of the Moshal family and that I am not alone”, Moshal Scholar.

A big thank you to Nokuthula Zama and Dale Choudree (WC Program Coordinator) who organised such a fantastic weekend.

Written by Thabisile Dladla, 3rd Year BScEng Civil Engineering from UCT