The 2020 NMU and Rhodes Induction – becoming part of a “bigger” family

Whenever there is a Moshal event whereby we get to meet with our fellow Moshal Scholars, we tend to fantasize about how things will unfold and how amazing and fun things will be. We do this without fear nor doubt because we know that our expectations are always met and beyond. This year we were not sure about how things would operate because it was just one day. Little did we know that the short time we spent together would make the most precious memories.

It is unfortunate that the induction date always clashes with the academic workload but this one day has made a huge difference in our lives in general. We got to review our time management skills, and work on timetables that were relevant to our workloads. We learnt about communication skills which has made us aware of our most ignorant habits when we communicate, and most importantly we were motivated through the Awards Ceremony which gave us the necessary push and knowledge that good work gets rewarded. This most definitely inspired all of us to work even harder in order to be recognized next year, especially the first years.  

Best of all, we got enough time to bond as Moshal Scholars through team building. For me, team building is like a constant reminder of our Moshal values because in these activities we get exposed to situations which require us to practise these values. In one activity we had to work as a team – all of us – to beat the three guys from Get Real Team Building, which showed amazing transformation and communication within us as scholars.

The 2020 EC induction was a very fruitful experience. Thank you to Debra and the Moshal team for always making us feel special and showing us that we are part of a bigger family than we can imagine.

Written by Lungile Sitole (2nd year BSc, NMU) and Zamokuhle Ngcoko (2nd year BSc, NMU)