Tatiana Sematch

Never stop Dreaming!

“When I opened the email I thought that it was one of those spam messages saying “You have won a million dollars” – I didn’t believe it! I kept opening it and reading it again, until I realized that it was real – I had been given a full scholarship!”

Tatiana’s father died when she was at school and her mother was disabled and could not work. She had to work hard to support herself, but she had a dream to go to university. She decided to sign up to study at the Haifa Technion without really knowing who would pay her tuition after the first semester. She filled in the university forms to request financial aid, but she did not expect to be able to continue with her degree, until she received the email from Moshal that changed her life.

Thanks to that scholarship, Tatiana was able to complete her BSc degree in Industrial Engineering and Management. During her third year she taught courses to the younger students as a teaching assistant, and while still at university she was hired as an information systems engineer at a prestigious local company. At the same time, she also got married and gave birth to a sweet baby boy!

“I tell the kids that I meet “Never stop dreaming!” Today, I am working and enabling my husband to study accountancy. I know that by building my career and building a family, I am investing in my child and his future. Everything that I am and everything that I can do is thanks to the support that I received from the Moshal Scholarship Program.”