Amit Goffer  

“Because I didn’t receive encouragement from my school or my family, I have had to find the strength within me to succeed, with huge support from Moshal.” Amit is reluctant to talk about her very difficult childhood. Her parents separated when she was young, leaving her disabled mother to care for her and her older […]

Ahmad Saadi

Ahmad lives in an Israeli Arab village near Nazareth and his father works in construction. His mother is the senior of his father’s two wives, and Ahmad has four sisters, one brother, and three half-sisters. He was fortunate to attend one of the top high schools in that city. The students there were encouraged to […]

Christina Nseir

“I believe wholeheartedly in the Moshal mantra of paying it forward, and I will continue to support my family and my community in any way that I can” Christina started her first year with no financial backing, but she was fortunate to be selected to receive a Moshal Scholarship. She learned many important life skills […]