We won a jackpot, without gambling.

Luck was not a factor, Rands were not needed. Thousands of people applied, and only those with knowledge and potential were the winners. The jackpot is called the Moshal Scholarship Program. Not only is it a jackpot, but more importantly, it is a family. Sanele Nkosi (1st year BSC Biochemistry University of Pretoria) says that […]

Wits Moshal Scholars share their take on the 2018 Annual Event

Every year we are graced with such a wonderful opportunity to attend the Moshal Annual Event. Finding the perfect attire in preparation for the Saturday night is what lingers in the mind of every student, and trust me, the Saturday night is the cherry on top. The weekend is fully packed with inspirational sessions for […]

2018 Annual Corporate Breakfast

Our 5th Annual Corporate Breakfast took place on Friday 31 August 2018 at the Hilton Hotel in Sandton. The breakfast brings together Corporate SA, industry experts and NGOs from all over the country to work together to address the issue of higher education and employment for our youth. “Why Corporates should still support Higher Education” […]

The Annual Moshal Scholarship Program event is here

From 31 August to 2 September, Moshal Scholars and Alumni from all around the country will meet for the annual Moshal Scholarship Program event. The weekend is jam packed with valuable workshops, team building challenges, networking and bonding with fellow members of the Moshal family. The cherry on top, the Annual Awards dinner. A formal […]

SA Annual Event 2017

The main event for this year was the students event which took place from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon (14 – 16 July), at the Birchwood Hotel in Boksburg.  On offer this year was endless networking opportunities amongst the students from 8 different universities, panel sessions, Financial and Social Media training, fitness, gum boot dancing, […]