Rhodes & NMU returns to the Willows for their 2019 Induction

Back to the Willows This year’s induction weekend took place from 8 to 10 March 2019 at the oh-so-breathtaking Willows Resort & Conference Centre.  Speaking on behalf of all the students in 2018, returning to the Willows was a unanimous, unspoken decision, influenced by the wonderful experience that was had in 2018. Meeting the Moshal […]

UCT and Stellenbosch join forces for their 2019 Induction!

At their 2019 Induction, the Western Cape Moshal scholars from UCT and Stellenbosch University got a chance to explore and have fun at the Witzenburg Game Park from 1 – 3 March. Getting University-ready University is tough, and you need a strong backbone to survive it. The 1st years had a University Preparedness Program, where […]

Training & fun at the Wits 2019 Induction

The Wits 2019 Induction took place 1 – 3 March in Modimolle, Limpopo. The induction took place in a very beautiful camp called Effata, which had a pool and an open space which allowed students to socialise and interact. The first day of the induction was an opportunity for students to have fun, build & […]

UKZN kicking off the 2019 inductions!

Each year the Moshal Scholarship Program holds an induction weekend to induct new students into the program and welcome back returning students. The first Induction of 2019 was UKZN, held 1 – 3 February at African Enterprise in Pietermaritzburg. Training time The induction weekend had various training sessions planned; including university preparedness, a Perl’s assessment, […]