Simon Ravivi

Simon’s family moved to Hadera in Israel from Russia when he was four years old. His parents found that there were limited opportunities for work because they did not have university degrees – a lesson that they passed on to their children early on. Simon decided that he must go to university, and his sister signed up for a book-keeping course, but their parents had no money to support either of them.

Through Simon’s life-long interest in computers he was accepted to ORT Braude College to study computer engineering – a four-year course. He knew that it was essential to get funding, so he applied to several scholarship programs, and he was overjoyed to be accepted by Moshal.

“It’s not just the money. Moshal has helped me over the past three years to increase my self-confidence and my potential to succeed. I have attended several Moshal workshops on communication skills, where I have learned how to present myself and how to participate in group discussions. As much as one can learn from books, it is crucial for someone as introverted as me to learn how to stand up with confidence in front of an audience, and to make a good impression at interviews. Without these communication skills I would have no hope of getting a good job and seizing the opportunities that come my way.”

Simon’s ambition is to invent something that will change the world for the better. He wants to continue to learn and to give back to society, in appreciation of the great opportunities that the Moshal Scholarship Program has opened up for him.