Sagi Entenberg

When Sagi’s family broke apart, he never dreamed that he would become part of an even bigger foster family – the Moshal Scholarship family.

As one of six children, Sagi was badly affected by his parents’ divorce. His older brothers and sister were already married and starting families of their own, leaving Sagi and his two younger brothers living with his mother. As a kindergarten teacher, it was difficult for her to earn enough to support all of them, with no help from his father. Sagi went away to military boarding school and often had to fend for himself.

Sagi studied electronics and computing at high school, and then used these skills to teach communications protocols in a military training academy during his compulsory army service. From there it was a natural step to apply to study software engineering at ORT Braude College, but he had no idea how he would pay for his tuition. Fortunately, Moshal agreed to cover the costs and he became a member of a very special foster family.
Sagi explains: “I was so honoured to be admitted to this amazing family, which gives us so much support. I am in daily contact with my Moshal mentors and they help me hugely – it’s like having a team of cheerleaders standing on the sidelines urging you to succeed!”

Sagi and the other software engineering students supported by Moshal are members of a special Facebook group through which they receive information bulletins about job opportunities and openings for internships in their field. At the last Moshal conference they were privileged to meet the CEOs of Intel, HP Israel and several other major electronics companies.

“These usually inaccessible directors gave us their personal business cards and told us to contact them when we start looking for work”, says Sagi. “We were so surprised! They told us that they have tremendous respect for Moshal students because they know that we have been hand-selected and nurtured during our degree course. Not only have Moshal invested in us, but they have also opened doors for us and made connections that will hopefully enable us to reach the top of our chosen professions!”

Sagi was also very impressed to meet Martin Moshal. “I would love to be like Martin and use my resources to help others who are less fortunate. He is a truly great role model and I hope to learn from his modesty and his confidence. He told us to believe in ourselves and follow our dreams to success. I left that conference so excited and inspired – it really gave me the impetus to work harder during my second year and to do the very best I can.”

With such inspiring role models from the world of hi-tech, it is not surprising that Sagi wants to participate in Israel’s start-up economy. “I want to manage a start-up company in software development, with the Israeli dream of a profitable exit when I sell my company for a good price! Then my real goal is to use that money to invest in futures – the futures of students