Rudin Gennadyi

Being a part of this Program means having a chance to follow subjects and events you would not find in a typical university. To work with people that are almost unreachable for a simple student. People who created this fund are living examples for me, I wish to follow their lead. They show how a successful person acts. The financial support and the possibility to experience better professors and learn from them is really important. I consider myself very lucky, as the scholarship is very generous. My mother, who works as a doctor in a public sector for many years, earns just as much as a blue collar worker, which shows the unfair reality of Ukrainian public salaries.

I want to have a chance to return the favour to Moshal. So, when I graduate and achieve professional success, I would want to help the Moshal Program to continue with its good deeds, both financially and with the help of my knowledge and experience. Because all of these future possibilities wouldn’t lie before me if it wasn’t for Moshal and I feel extremely grateful.