The Moshal Scholarship Program offers scholarships to students from challenging backgrounds in the following degrees: engineering, IT and computer science, medicine and health sciences, natural sciences, Economics, law and business. The Program offers personal support, as well as exposure to a variety of workshops for skills development, preparing our students for the job market and fulfilling independent lives.

The Program provides support services that focus on academic, psycho-social support and workplace readiness that aim to nurture and promote a holistic graduate into the world of work, embedding the values of perseverance, caring, tolerance, integrity, accountability and humility.

How to partner with us:

  • Consider our graduates for employment
  • Provide mentors for our graduates or new alumni
  • Create opportunities for internships or work shadowing
  • Participate in our panels of young professionals
  • Provide speakers and trainers
  • Conduct mock interview with our forthcoming graduates
  • Let us know which degrees and faculties are best
  • Assist us in our selection process
  • Provide tutors for our Scholars who may need extra help
  • Share your space for our occasional workshops and meetings


Latest Partnership News: