Olesya Zaimidoroga

I grew up with my mother and grandfather. My mother taught me to be responsible and never forget your promises, so that people could really rely on you. Her parents were simple peasant workers, and that is why she wanted better life for herself. She was the first person in our family who went to university. And she was always telling me that I had to be better than she is, that I had to believe in my dreams and be brave to achieve it.

When I was going to school she gave me an opportunity to attend many sports classes and numerous gifted courses. Without her support and belief in me I would not be able to achieve a thing. My mother always tells me that university education is very important for those who want to achieve something in life. Unfortunately, she could not help me with getting into best universities in terms of finance and I am very lucky that the Moshal program exists. Now, when I attend my classes, I know why I am there, what I want to achieve and whom to be thankful for this opportunity.

I also love Moshal as I can meet people with similar way of thinking, people who are striving to better themselves, their family and the community. I feel enormous support!

I believe that all this happened because this is what God wanted, and with his help I will continue on my way.

If I achieve my goals and become a successful lawyer, I would show with my own example that the Moshal Program really works and I would try to help new students in many different ways.