“Nothing short of amazing” induction for UCT and Stellenbosch

The weather ambiguous Saturday, of the 22nd of February 2020, saw Stellenbosch and UCT Moshal Scholars convening for their yearly induction. Although this time around it was one day instead of the usual 3 days, it was nothing short of an amazing time.

The events of the day varied from welcoming new and old scholars to the programme, reminding them of the Moshal values and reiterating the programme’s confidence in the scholars to succeed in their individual paths.

Furthermore, the day inched forward with activities such as team building exercises, mock interviews for seniors and of the course the food!

The Moshal valued alumni availed themselves to engage with the scholars to give them a glimpse of what tenacity and hard work births. And that right there is what makes the Moshal Scholarship exceptional.

One can’t help but feel blessed for their support, soft skills training and most importantly love. The dedication of the Moshal team is with no doubt bearing fruits on these South Africans streets.

Written by Thulisa Malunga