Moti Deri

Moti is a bright young man from a family of 11 children living in the port city of Ashdod. His father died 7 years ago from a heart attack, leaving his mother, who is disabled, with a pile of debts and a family to feed from her minimal wages as a care assistant. Moti got himself a job in order to help his mother and started working as a swimming pool water technician. He was resigned to spending his entire life as a low-paid worker and never going on to college, because of the tough hand that life had dealt him.
One day he received a phone call from his sister that changed his life. She told him about the Moshal Scholarship program and urged him to look into it. She encouraged him to set higher goals from himself, to look to the future, and to apply to the mechanical engineering degree program at their local college.  “I always loved learning”, explains Moti, “but I never thought that anyone would give me the opportunity to follow my dreams.”
Today, Moti is a first year mechanical engineering student at Sami Shamoon College in Ashdod. He is working hard and getting good grades, and he attributes much of his success to Moshal. “I have never met people who care so much about me and who want to equip me to succeed in life. The Moshal team really takes an interest in the progress of every student. They have organized several helpful meetings and workshops for their scholarship students at Sami Shamoon College.”
“I recently participated in a series of workshops about understanding your capabilities and copying with stress. Moshal brought a top psychologist to work with our group, to encourage us to analyse our ambitions and to develop skills that will help us achieve them. This approach enabled me to approach my examinations in a much calmer state of mind, and I’m sure that made a difference to my grades.”
Moti has already signed up to share his new skills with younger students. He has joined a local mentoring project that works with children from broken homes, and he is helping a boy with his homework as a volunteer ‘big brother’. Moti is confident that he can encourage this kid and others from challenging backgrounds to dream big and fulfil their potential.