Marina Shubaba

The Moshal program is very important for me, as well as for my friends who are involved in it. We have a developed system of helping each other. I realize how much this program has helped our professional development. Today we had a workshop directly connected with our profession and we got information that we never would have received at the university. I understand that there is a big responsibility on me not only personally (to achieve great results in life), but also to be useful for someone else. I think that our team is different from the others because we are role models in our community.

After finishing the program with Moshal, I’m sure that I will remain part of the Moshal community. With the skills and knowledge I have received through it, I will be able to help the new generation of students. If someone asks me for help – I will be definitely able to help them. The Moshal program is a part of my life, I will never forget it and I am happy that I was given this opportunity.