Jonathan Giber

Jonathan immigrated to Israel from Argentina at the age of 15, and just 7 years later he had secured a place at one of the country’s most prestigious universities – the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is now completing his degree in Computer Engineering and he already has a great job at Motorola as a Java programmer.

But Jonathan’s success did not come easily. Not only did he have to learn Hebrew and fit into a new school system as an immigrant teenager, but he also had to cope with his parents’ divorce. His father remarried and went on to have 8 further children, while his mother struggled to take care of her elderly parents along with Jonathan and his sister. Jonathan took a commission in the army in order to earn a better salary so that he could help his parents financially. By the time he left the army at the age of 23, he had no savings to support himself and no funding to cover his tuition fees.

Fortunately, Jonathan was able to secure financial support for his first year at University through a scholarship for former soldiers, but this soon ran out. He was struggling with his academic studies at the end of his first year, but when Moshal accepted him he felt that his luck was changing.

“I received so much support and encouragement from the Moshal team that I felt that I could really achieve my dream of a degree in computing. They became my family and my support group, and they introduced me to another Moshal student who became my study partner for the next 2 years. David and I have been able to study together for tests, helping each other out with whatever we found difficult. I really don’t think I could have completed my degree without him!” During his second year, Jonathan got married to a girl he had met in the army, who is studying law and accounting at Hebrew University. He has been involved in helping younger students on the computer engineering course with their studies and continues to study alongside David as they complete their 4th year projects.

Moshal was a crucial source of support for Jonathan when he started to apply for work. He attended their workshops on how to write a good profile on LinkedIn and how to apply for jobs, and the result was his successful application to Motorola, one of Israel’s leading hi-tech companies.

“I had a tough start but everything in my life got easier once I connected with Moshal. Not only did their scholarship money enable me to finish my degree, but their constant encouragement has urged me forward and given me vital skills to succeed. No words would be sufficient to thank the Moshal Foundation for their investment in my future!”