Gal Kachlon

Growing up with a severely disabled father, Gal used to believe that his prospects were limited. Today, on the way to completing his degree in Civil Engineering at Israel’s prestigious Technion Institute, Gal is starting to believe that he can achieve great things.

Gal’s first job after school and his army service was installing water pipes on a construction site. His next job was as a cook in a local Italian restaurant. Neither occupation was fulfilling, and he realized that he would never make enough money to achieve financial security and to help his family unless he qualified with a degree.

Gil’s grades from high school were not good enough to get him into a mainstream university, so he decided to sign up with the Open University. This meant that he was able to pay for his degree by working while studying at home and helping his parents.  He was surprised to receive better grades than he expected, and he was accepted to study civil engineering at the Technion in Haifa.
By taking courses in math, physics and computers with the OU, Gal not only proved to himself that he had a good brain in his head, but he also gained 30 credit points. This qualified him to join the second year of the degree course. The university authorities were sympathetic to Gal’s financial situation and recommended him for a Moshal scholarship.
“Getting funding from Moshal gave me the backing and the confidence to believe that I could really do this”, says Gal. “I did not grow up in a community that encourages young people to work towards higher education, so it felt great to have someone who had faith in my potential and who could give me advice when I needed it.”

“I believe that Moshal has given me much more than just a scholarship. It’s an entire support network, including a helpful program of workshops and lectures, and personal mentoring and encouragement.  It has also connected me with a great group of Moshal scholars who come from similar backgrounds and who are all equally driven to succeed. Not only do we share our optimism about the future, but we are always looking for ways to help each other by making constructive suggestions and connections. I hope that we will stay in touch when we graduate and continue with our networking.”

Thanks to Moshal’s support and encouragement, Gal has been able to dedicate himself full time to his studies and achieve a 93% average grade. As he contemplates his future career, he sees new vistas of opportunity opening up before him. Gal is Moshal’s first civil engineering scholarship student in Israel, and we have great confidence that he will go on to build a great future – the sky is the limit!