Etti Horada

Etti is only in her first year at the University of Haifa but she already understands the many advantages that Moshal has given her.

“My father died three years ago, and my mother is not well enough to work. I knew that it was imperative for me to get a university degree in order to succeed in life, but I had no idea how to attain this goal. It was like standing on one side of a chasm and looking across to the other side with no bridge in between.”

Etti was always interested in information systems and decided that a degree in this subject would give her the best opportunity in today’s information-led economy. She applied to university after her army service, and she was nervous about going back into the classroom.
“That was the most amazing thing about the Moshal scholarship. They don’t just give you the money and tell you to get on with your degree. They walk alongside you every step of the way! Before the start of the first semester I participated in their workshops on study skills and time management. This was essential preparation for me because I spent five years in the army after high school and had lost the studying habit. These workshops helped us to get focused and prepare ourselves for the rigors of academic study.”

Etti is happy to be one of the group of nine Moshal students at Haifa University, because they support and encourage each other. She also appreciates the major advantage that they have over the other students, many of whom have to work in the evenings and at weekends to make money to cover their tuition costs.

“I will always be eternally grateful for the gift that Moshal has given us of freedom from financial pressure. I really don’t think that I would be able to invest all my energies in my studies if I was working as a waitress in the evenings. This scholarship has really given me all the keys to success – now I just have to do my part and complete my degree. With the wonderful encouragement of the Moshal team, that does not seem as impossible today as it once did. They have built me a bridge across the chasm!”