Eli Nisan

Eli grew up in a typical Charedi (ultra-orthodox) Jewish home in Israel’s super-conservative city of BneiBrak, where his father works as a traditional scribe, writing Torah scrolls using pen and ink.  He and his 4 brothers and sisters were encouraged to excel in both their religious and secular studies, graduating high school with good qualifications and spending 3 years in further education learning Jewish texts.

During his advanced Jewish studies, Eli got married and started to work in one of Israel’s major telecoms companies as a mobile phone salesman. His wife studied for a degree in accounting, and when she graduated and started working, they decided that it was Eli’s turn to go back to school.

“Working in sales was so boring! I knew that I was capable of doing more. Despite being promoted to manage a sales team, I was not motivated. I wanted to work in a more intelligent environment and to find something more worthwhile to contribute to society.”

Eli had been volunteering as a police officer with the Jerusalem police force– no small commitment for a father of three children with a working wife. At the same time, he applied to study Industrial Management at Machon Lev – the Jerusalem College of Technology, which is an institute of higher education that is tailored to accommodate the particular needs of religious students.

“I chose Industrial Management because I am fascinated by how organizations work. As my degree course project, I chose to analyse the way that resources are allocated in the Jerusalem police department. The project is fascinating because I can analyse the way that officers’ shifts are allocated and help the department to structure and manage their human resources more efficiently.

“As a volunteer police officer myself, I am developing a unique insight into the organization, and I really hope that my project will enable the managers to improve working conditions for all of the officers, as well as giving me good marks in my degree!”

Eli is energetic and personable, but he has had to learn many new skills in order to succeed in his academic studies. The Moshal Scholarship that he has received has not only enabled him to continue to volunteer with the police force and help his wife to support their family while studying, but it has empowered him in many ways.

“The Moshal workshops have been invaluable in teaching me efficient study skills and techniques for improving my performance in examinations. Being a Moshal scholar and attending events has also broadened my outlook by introducing me to students from very different backgrounds.  I hope that this will also make me a better police officer and manager.”

With his impressive interpersonal skills and driving ambition, Eli could probably have developed a successful career in sales and made good money to support his family. However, thanks to the Moshal Scholarship, he was able to invest in himself by studying for a good degree, and also to develop his skills for the benefit of the wider community.  His academic studies, and the experience that he is gaining through his degree project on the police force, will give Eli excellent credentials to go into management and make a long-term contribution to one of the toughest city police forces in the world. “I definitely see myself developing a management career within the police force in Israel. I think that this is an area where I really can contribute a great deal to society, and to pay back the fantastic investment that Moshal has made in my life.”