Efraim Globus

Imagine that you had never learned Maths and English and you decided that you wanted to go to University. That is the challenge that Efraim set himself to overcome at the age of 20, and he is about to graduate with BSc Honours degree in Computer Science from Machon Lev College in Jerusalem.

Like many ultra-orthodox Jewish boys, Efraim went to a religious school that did not offer secular subjects. He grew up in a family of 10 children in Jerusalem and decided that he wanted to fill in the gaps in his knowledge in order to apply to university. He literally started from nothing and studied all the core curriculum subjects by himself, from books and by taking online courses. After 2 years he achieved his high-school leaving certificate and applied to Machon Lev. After 3 more years, Efraim is ready to complete his BSc and hopes to graduate second in his class with a GPA of almost 100%
Along with his incredible determination, Efraim received a scholarship and advice from the Moshal Scholarship team. “It was great meeting people who cared about my progress and encouraged me to continue. They gave me excellent advice, not only about study techniques but also interview skills, which enabled me to get a really good job during my third year. I also helped Moshal as the co-ordinator of their scholarship students at Machon Lev, and they encouraged me to help other students by sharing my understanding of programming with those who were struggling with the course.”

Efraim recently got married and he is happy to be working for the Ex Libris Company in Jerusalem and earning a good salary. He knows that he will have much better prospects when he finishes his degree than he would have had if he had just taken a diploma course in computer programming. “I knew that I needed to get a good qualification if I wanted to get a job that would interest and challenge me, so I pushed myself to achieve the maximum possible. Without financial help and support from Moshal I could not have done this. Whatever I achieve for myself and my future family, I will owe to Moshal.”