Olesya Zaimidoroga

I grew up with my mother and grandfather. My mother taught me to be responsible and never forget your promises, so that people could really rely on you. Her parents were simple peasant workers, and that is why she wanted better life for herself. She was the first person in our family who went to […]

Marina Shubaba

The Moshal program is very important for me, as well as for my friends who are involved in it. We have a developed system of helping each other. I realize how much this program has helped our professional development. Today we had a workshop directly connected with our profession and we got information that we […]

Rudin Gennadyi

Being a part of this Program means having a chance to follow subjects and events you would not find in a typical university. To work with people that are almost unreachable for a simple student. People who created this fund are living examples for me, I wish to follow their lead. They show how a […]

Michael Kornienko

“Once I finish my degree, my ambition is to play a part in developing new technology that will enhance people’s lives.” Born in the Former Soviet Union, Michael recalls that his father died when he was young, leaving his mother as a single mother, working as a physicist and struggling to make ends meet. Some […]

Cebolenkosi Buthelezi

“They ask, ‘Where is the doctor?’, and they talk about me because I am the first one from my rural community to go to university.” “The Moshal Scholarship also gave me confidence that I could do this, that I had the ability.” When Cebolenkosi (Cebo) Buthelezi, 21, was in Grade 9 he resuscitated someone who’d […]

Nandisa Ngubelanga

“The Moshal scholarship didn’t just change my life, but my family’s life too. I was their golden girl, Moshal enabled me to be that for them.” “Now, in times of difficulty, I think about how far I’ve come, how I’ve been able to survive.” Despite the challenges thrown Nandisa’s way in school, she worked hard, […]

Ahmad Saadi

Ahmad lives in an Israeli Arab village near Nazareth and his father works in construction. His mother is the senior of his father’s two wives, and Ahmad has four sisters, one brother, and three half-sisters. He was fortunate to attend one of the top high schools in that city. The students there were encouraged to […]

Nonhlanhla Nhlapo

Nonhlanhla Nhlapo battled to read as a child and had learning difficulties, but with sheer determination she overcame these and the many other barriers to her becoming a chartered accountant and putting poverty behind her. Today, Nonhlanhla, nearly 20, is in the second year of her Bachelor of Accounting Science (BAccSci) at Wits University and […]

Tal Eyal

Tal knows that it’s not going to be easy to find a job at the end of her degree, because she wants to work for a company that benefits the environment or develops life-saving medications. “Many chemical and biochemical companies are entirely focused on making a profit, but I want to find a job with […]

Lea Gorelik

Lea’s father died when she was seven years old and she was brought up by her mother, who supports the family by working as a cleaner. She is the youngest of three siblings. Now 24, she lives with her mother in the coastal town of Acco and commutes to University in Haifa. “After my father […]