Esethu Bhengu

Esethu Bhengu has found her calling – and is well on her way to making an impact on the male-dominated mining sector Diamonds, as they say, are a girl’s best friend. For young Esethu Bhengu, it is how those beautiful stones are mined from Africa’s rich soil to become a girl’s best friend that interests […]

Dibueng Bosman

“At high school it was hard to keep up with everyone’s expensive social life.” “My mother constantly tells me that I amaze her more and more.” Dibueng Bosman hopes more than anything that her mother will still be alive when she graduates and achieves career success. Her mom is 65 and retired at the beginning […]

Teboho Mnguni

“The scholarship is one of the best things ever to have happened in my life.” “My grandmother is my rock to this day. She is literally the mother I never had, a warm, caring, true African strong woman.” A bright, well-spoken and committed student, Teboho Mnguni almost had to abandon his university studies for lack […]

Sinovuyo Faku

“I was always hungry to learn new things”.” I see myself as an achiever and a fighter”. When Sinovuyo Faku was a boy, there was nothing he liked better than to dismantle toy cars and put them together again. It is no surprise that today he is in his first year of a four-year BSc […]

Nomakhaya Mkuzangwe

She went through a whole year without textbooks- “My philosophy is that if it makes me sweat then it’s worth the sacrifice, as the reward is greater.” The ‘Fees Must Fall’ protests, which severely disrupted university attendance throughout the country last year, wreaked havoc on students’ performance and Nomakhaya Mkuzangwe thought she was going to […]

Onkarabile Tiro

“I couldn’t sleep, so I started studying late into the night”.” The Moshal scholarship is about helping you cope through the bad times” Many of life’s hardships did not deter OnkarabileTiro from getting to university, but she almost lost it all when she fell into a depression during the second year of her BSc studies […]

Sibusiso Notwala

“My country needs qualified people from the inside”“. “A big workload is another opportunity to stretch your mind” When Sibusiso Notwala started his BSc at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University on February 7, 2016, he had no idea that by the time he returned home that day, his life would change.   “When I came back, my […]

Amit Goffer  

“Because I didn’t receive encouragement from my school or my family, I have had to find the strength within me to succeed, with huge support from Moshal.” Amit is reluctant to talk about her very difficult childhood. Her parents separated when she was young, leaving her disabled mother to care for her and her older […]

Mor Refael

“I want to have a better life than I was born to and I am determined that I will not be constrained by my background. The hand-up that I have received from Moshal has given me the key to achieving this.” Mor has three families to who she is grateful and who she wants to […]

Olesya Zaimidoroga

I grew up with my mother and grandfather. My mother taught me to be responsible and never forget your promises, so that people could really rely on you. Her parents were simple peasant workers, and that is why she wanted better life for herself. She was the first person in our family who went to […]