Julia Sagel

Julia Sagel’s fascination with neuroscience is setting her up for a lifetime of learning No matter what the obstacle, Julia Sagel has managed not just to overcome them, but also to thrive in environments that weren’t always comfortable or easy. Her determination is the stuff of legend. Now in her first year at University of […]

Vacquero Augustine  

Move over, Elon Musk – Vacquero Augustine has designs on shifting the goalposts and transforming the future A passion for technology and science has helped Vacquero (VK to his friends) Augustine transcend the ganglands of Port Elizabeth to enter the ivy-covered walls of the University of Cape Town, where he is now studying towards a […]

Neema Umutoniwase

Neema Umutoniwase had put her dreams of achieving a degree on hold, when life handed her gift in the form of the Moshal Scholarship Program. Neema Umutoniwase has already experienced life in more African countries than most people will ever see. The Business Science student at UKZN was born in 1996 in the Democratic Republic […]

Sonwabile Tafeni  

Sonwabile means “We are happy” in isiXhosa – and ‘Soso’ Tafeni definitely lives up to her name. True to her name, Sonwabile is a ray of sunshine. “People say that whenever I walk into a room, I bring happiness. I like to put smiles on everyone’s faces, and I think that’s why I get on […]

Slungile Ncama

It may be years since Slungile Ncama carried the title Abelusi, but she is still compelled to empower others to reach their goals. Slungile ‘Slu’ Ncama wanted to be the first in her family to get a “well-recognised degree from a prestigious university”; now in her final year studying towards an LLB degree at Rhodes […]

Ipfi Mulaudzi

Growing up surrounded by strong women who strive to do and be their best has inspired Ipfi Mulaudzi to make her mark on the world – starting in her own community.  Ipfi Mulaudzi may not yet have made up her mind on which area of medicine she intends specialising in, if any – but she […]

Ndzondelelo Payi  

If life has elements of a game of chess, then Ndzondelelo ‘Ndzo’ Payi is making some seriously strategic moves. One of the Port Elizabeth-born IT student’s earliest mentors, co-founder and executive director of the Masinyusane organisation, Jim McKeown, introduced Ndzo to the game of chess, which quickly became a passion. Ndzo went on to win […]

Caroline Phala

Caroline Phala has bold ambitions – and the resilience, drive and confidence to bring them all to fruition. Some people are just born confident. Some acquire it through sheer resilience. Caroline attributes hers to having to deal with constant change as a child, which led to her attending four different primary schools. “It impacted my […]

Esethu Bhengu

Esethu Bhengu has found her calling – and is well on her way to making an impact on the male-dominated mining sector Diamonds, as they say, are a girl’s best friend. For young Esethu Bhengu, it is how those beautiful stones are mined from Africa’s rich soil to become a girl’s best friend that interests […]

Dibueng Bosman

“At high school it was hard to keep up with everyone’s expensive social life.” “My mother constantly tells me that I amaze her more and more.” Dibueng Bosman hopes more than anything that her mother will still be alive when she graduates and achieves career success. Her mom is 65 and retired at the beginning […]