Simphiwe Hlongwane

There were times as a child she just wanted to disappear, but now Simphiwe Hlongwane is in fourth-year medicine and wants only “to save lives – the thought of it puts a smile on my face”, she says. The 22-year-old’s life has done a 360% turn. She spent much of her school career as a top […]

Jonathan Giber

Jonathan immigrated to Israel from Argentina at the age of 15, and just 7 years later he had secured a place at one of the country’s most prestigious universities – the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is now completing his degree in Computer Engineering and he already has a great job at Motorola as a Java programmer. But Jonathan’s […]

Efraim Globus

Imagine that you had never learned Maths and English and you decided that you wanted to go to University. That is the challenge that Efraim set himself to overcome at the age of 20, and he is about to graduate with BSc Honours degree in Computer Science from Machon Lev College in Jerusalem. Like many […]

Moti Deri

Moti is a bright young man from a family of 11 children living in the port city of Ashdod. His father died 7 years ago from a heart attack, leaving his mother, who is disabled, with a pile of debts and a family to feed from her minimal wages as a care assistant. Moti got […]

Jacinthe Mutuzo

Jacinthe Mutuzo will not let the scars of being born in Rwanda shortly after the genocide to parents who crossed the Hutu-Tutsi divide get in the way of her future in South Africa. In her second year of BCom Information Science, this 21-year-old has made her home with nuns and dedicates her free time to […]

Alex Menu

Few would suspect the gumboot dancer with a social message and a twinkle in his eye is actually en route to becoming a doctor. Alex Menu doesn’t dwell on hardships but rather strives to get the most out of life. Along the way, he is determined to help as many people as possible before ultimately […]

Wendy Tjebane

In 2017 Wendy Tjebane, a sweet, shy and very determined 22-year-old, will enter what has always been a predominantly male profession, civil engineering. But having overcome many hardships to get her degree, nothing will stop Wendy realising her dreams. She grew up in a rural village in Limpopo with an uncle because her mother died […]

Sibusiso Molteno

Sibusiso Molteno grew up wanting a gun, fast money and to be a drug kingpin. He was on a fast track to a life of crime that would have ended either in prison or death. “That was life on the streets of Alex (Alexandra township in Johannesburg) — if you have a gun, everything is easier,” […]

Abraham Fridman

Abraham was born in Russia and immigrated with his parents to Israel when he was 10 years old. Despite not speaking Hebrew when he arrived, Abraham managed to do extremely well at school, excelling not only in his academic studies but also in sports and music. “It is well-known in Israel that Russian parents push […]

Rachel Levy

Rachel Levy was expected to become a teacher, like many women in her religious community, but decided that she wanted a bigger challenge: today she is now in her third year of medical school and hoping to become a doctor. Growing up as one of 5 children in one of Israel’s poorest southern towns, there was […]