The Moshal Scholarship Program is administered by a small team of professionals, who seek to make Martin Moshal’s vision a reality.

We bring a host of skills and considerable passion to our work. We also collaborate closely with many partners in South Africa, Israel and the Ukraine to make our program run effectively while maximizing the money we spend directly on our students.

The team is made up of Program Coordinators who act as the scholar’s advisers throughout their time with Moshal, Career Coordinators who assist in preparing the Moshal Scholars for the workplace, as well as a support team.


Yael Lavie started the Moshal Scholarship Program in 2009 and now acts as an advisor to the Team. She is a cousin of Martin Moshal and grew up in Israel where she attended the army and university, obtained her MBA and started her career in banking. Yael has worked as an investment banker for most of her career and now lives in Israel.
Kate joined as President of the Moshal Scholarship Program in 2011 and is building it into a leading provider of scholarships for tenacious students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Prior to this she worked for 13 years at the World Bank Group and before that in the South African Government and for Bain & Company. Kate has an M.Phil (Cambridge) and an MBA.

Country Manager, South Africa

For Jodi Bailey, it was a great privilege to join the Moshal Scholarship Program as Country Manager for South Africa. She grew up in South Africa and then spent a few years working in London. While she loved the travel opportunities, she always knew that she would return to South Africa when the time was right.

Country Manager, UKRAINE

Michael is the Moshal Scholarship Program Manager in Ukraine. He joined the program in 2013 and has worked with Tikva for 9 years. He taught at Tikva's Jewish University, quickly becoming responsible for all student programs. Michael is part of a network of educationalists who have similar goals, including reviving the Jewish community of Odessa.

Tali Barash BOUSKILA
Country Manager, Israel

Tali Barash Bouskila joined the Team as the Country Manager for Israel in February 2019. A few years before that, Tali pivoted towards social impact after a long and successful career in finance working in leadership teams of some of the largest investment banks and media companies. Tali has a Harvard MBA and studied at IDC in Herzliya. She has been a school governor and has established sports facilities for children in need prior to moving to the Moshal Scholarship Program. She brings her considerable expertise and ‘’ruach’’ (spirit) to Israel and the global Moshal Scholarship team.  

Psycho-social Coordinator, UKRAINE

Alina is a psycho-social coordinator for the Program in the Ukraine. She joined Tikva in 2011 and has a background similar to many of our scholars, giving her a great perspective on their views, problems and needs. Alina has been trained in many soft skills and leadership which allows her to work effectively with our students in the Ukraine.

Psycho-social Coordinator, UKRAINE
Dima joined the program in 2015 as a psycho-social coordinator in the Ukraine. He is finishing his MA in Law and has a background in leadership and Jewish informal education. His main responsibility is helping Moshal scholars to fulfil their education potential.
Careers Coordinator, ISRAEL
During the past four and a half years Orly worked at Atidim, a non-profit organisation that assists students in the engineering profession with student support and help in finding employment. In the past she worked in the field of recruitment in a number of industrial companies. She has a BA from the Hebrew University in General History.
Psycho-social Coordinator, ISRAEL
Inbal has a B.A in Political Science and Human Resources from Bar-Ilan University. She has five years’ experience in human resources from a global placement company. She served as an officer for nine years in the Israel Defence Forces in various and interesting positions.
Psycho-social coordinator, ISRAEL
Shiri joined the Moshal Scholarship Program in 2016 as a psycho-social coordinator. She graduated from Ben-Gurion University with a BA in Social Work and has an MA in Educational Counselling from the Academic College in Ramat Gan. Shiri worked for four years as a Social Worker at a school preparing older students with learning disabilities and personal and mental health issues for matriculation. Shiri’s experience will help her support our Moshal Scholars as they progress through their academic careers and seek to fulfil their true potential.
Psycho-social coordinator, Israel
Maayan has a BA in Social Sciences from the Open University in Israel, with a specialization in learning disabilities. She has many years of experience in training and education, from her military service as a trainer in the Signal Corps, as Deputy Director of the school for flight attendants with EL-AL Airline, and in the recent years as manager of the adult education division of the Open University. Her focus is on motivating people and supporting them to achieve their goals.
Ilanit COHEN
Psycho-social coordinator, Israel
Ilanit joined the Moshal Scholarship Program in August 2016 as a psycho-social coordinator in Israel. She has a B.A in Education and Hebrew Literature from the Hebrew University, and a coaching diploma. Ilanit has extensive experience in human resources, training and coaching. She brings many skills to assist our Moshal Scholars to reach their true potential.

Jeni has a bachelor’s degree in Literature and History and a master’s in Clinical Social Work. Before Moshal she worked as a psycho-social coordinator in the international school in Tel Aviv University. Jenia is now the psycho-social coordinator for Ben Gurion University in Be’er Sheva, Israel. 


Hadass joined Moshal in November as the Alumni Coordinator. Hadass holds a B.A from the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Jaffa in political science and sociology, and has been involved in several social initiatives promoting cultural awareness of the minority communities in Jaffa, Israel. In previous employment, Hadass ran the social business incubator for the Academic College of Tel Aviv- Jaffa, helping students start their own social initiatives around the country

Careers Coordinator, South Africa

Nicole joined the team as Career’s Coordinator in December 2017 for the southern part of South Africa. As an HR business partner by trade her passion has always been graduate selection and development. For Nicole it is a great privilege to contribute the competencies she gained within corporate SA, to the Moshal Scholarship Program. She sees coaching, guiding and preparing Moshal scholars and graduates for the world of work as her true calling. Nicole has a B.Com post graduate qualification in Industrial Psychology.


Pamela joined the team as Career’s Coordinator in June 2019 for the Northern part of South Africa. Prior to joining Moshal she was a marketing specialist in graduate recruitment, with over 10 years of experience in Youth Marketing. She holds a BCom degree in Marketing and Management from Monash University. Pamela has always had a passion for youth development with a particular focus on preparing graduates for the working world. She is dedicated to mentoring young talent to help them harness their unique talents and unlock their potential.

Program Coordinator, South Africa
Debra joined the Moshal Scholarship Program in June 2016 as the psycho-social Coordinator for the Eastern Cape of South Africa. She has a BA in Social Sciences and an MA in Counselling Psychology, as well as a diploma in higher education teaching from Monash University. Debra’s experience lies in education and assessment, and she has lectured at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, with an emphasis on student support in teaching and learning. Social upliftment is close to Debra’s heart and she feels privileged at the opportunity to be further involved in this through supporting young people in education.
Program Coordinator, South Africa
Mandy joined the Moshal Scholarship Program in August 2015. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree at UKZN in Psychology and French. Mandy’s career has included both international and local experience in administration, finance, business strategy and life coaching. Mandy’s position allows her the inspiring opportunity of guiding UKZN Moshal scholars to reach their true potential.
Shanaaz Kapery RANDERIA
Program Coordinator, South Africa
Shanaaz joined the Moshal Scholarship Program in South Africa as the Program Coordinator for the University of the Witwatersrand. She obtained her BA Honours in Psychology from the University of South Africa and a Master's in Public Health from the University of Liverpool with an emphasis on child and adolescent development and HIV/AIDS in the Public Health sector.
Carien SMIT
Program Coordinator, South Africa
Carien Smit is the Psycho-Social Coordinator for the Free State in South Africa. She is an Occupational Therapist with a passion for people, the outdoors and good coffee! Carien sees working with the Moshal Scholarship Program as a way to help our students make the most of their opportunities at university and in the world of work, by integrating their autonomy, personal development and emotional intelligence.
Nokuthula ZAMA
Program Coordinator, South Africa
Nokuthua joined the Moshal Scholarship Program on the 1st of February 2018 as the Western Cape Program coordinator working with the University of Cape Town and Stellenbosch University. She holds an MPhil degree from UCT, BA Honours degree from UNISA and BA Industrial Psychology & Sociology degree from the University of Witwatersrand. She is passionate about talent development, a space she has worked in for several years. She is excited to work with tenacious and determined students who have risen against all odds to pursue formal education and to help them reach their full potential in the academic and personal spheres.
Program Coordinator, South Africa

Dale holds a Bachelor of Social Science degree from the University of Cape Town, with majors in English Literature and Gender Studies, a postgraduate degree in Gender and Policy Transformation and is a student of Decolonial Theory.  Dale began his career as a researcher and lecturer in undergraduate Gender Studies and subsequently moved into student support and career development at the University of Cape Town. He is also pursuing his accreditation as a life coach, aimed to enhance the development of excellence in others. He is passionate about social justice and education as key to South Africa's realization of freedom and equality. 

Finance officer, South Africa
After many years in the corporate space I am delighted to be associated with The Moshal Scholarship Program. It will be my pleasure to add to a highly efficient team ensuring that the financial aspects of the program are taken care of in a professional manner. I am a doer, with a lot of energy and clear focus to see things through.
Finance officer, London
Debra joined the Moshal Scholarship Program in 2016 as the Finance Officer in London. She has worked in the finance departments of various commercial sectors. Her most recent position working at a Charity highlighted for her that working within the charity sector is where she wanted to concentrate her energies. Debra is qualified as a Chartered Accountant with BDO Stoy Hayward.

Efrat joined the Moshal Scholarship Program Finance team in November 2019. She holds a BA in Economics with expertise in Information Systems Management. Prior to joining our scholarship Efrat served as a Consultant Manager for finance departments at Complete Business Solutions (an Information Technology & Services company), Corporate Financial Analyst at Magic Software Group, and as Finance and Operations at Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).



Liad joined the Moshal Scholarship Program in 2019, as the Finance Officer for Israel. He has a BA in Economics and Management, MBA Business Management and an M.A. In law for Graduates in Economics. Liad has been working in finance for more than 10 years in several positions including, a Trustee in the capital market, Mergers & Acquisitions consultant for PWC and in his last role, Finance Planning and Budget Analyst for The Open University of Israel.

Communication Consultant, South Africa
Carin recently joined the Moshal Scholarship Program as Communication Consultant. She has a BA in Marketing Communication and an Honours in BCom Marketing Management from the University of Johannesburg. Until recently, Carin worked in Corporate SA (banking sector) and is excited about using her experience in digital marketing to take the Moshal Brand to the next level.
Aluwani MBUVHA
Evaluation Specialist, South Africa

Aluwani joined Moshal Scholarship Program as an Evaluation Specialist. Her experience in evaluation spans the education, psychosocial trauma healing, and social integration sectors. She has a Master’s degree in Peace and Development Studies from Linnaeus University, and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in M&E at the University of Witwatersrand. She is passionate about education and through her role, looks forward to strengthening evidence informed programming for the benefit of scholars, and society more broadly.