Deborah Kwizera

Armed with determination and a love of learning, Deborah Kwizera has never let setbacks stand in the way of her dreams. Poised to work in pharmaceuticals or medicine, Deborah knows she’ll be fulfilled as long as she’s helping to heal people. “I’ve always wanted to find a cure for HIV.” So says Deborah, who’s currently […]

Thapelo Lekgoathi

Currently working as a junior quantitative analyst at Ernst & Young, Moshal alum Thapelo Lekgoathi attained his BSc honours in maths at Wits. Yet he only focused on academics from grade 10 onwards, after his teachers noticed his potential. Growing up in Tembisa, Thapelo saw school as a means to an end. “In grade 8 […]

Judith Mdaka

Born with one leg shorter than the other, Judith Mdaka is used to being underestimated. Yet, it’s her disability that’s the driving force behind her determination to succeed. Currently in her second year of studies towards her actuarial science degree at the University of the Free State, Judith has always had an aptitude for maths. […]