UCT and Stellenbosch join forces for their 2019 Induction!

At their 2019 Induction, the Western Cape Moshal scholars from UCT and Stellenbosch University got a chance to explore and have fun at the Witzenburg Game Park from 1 – 3 March. Getting University-ready University is tough, and you need a strong backbone to survive it. The 1st years had a University Preparedness Program, where […]

Training & fun at the Wits 2019 Induction

The Wits 2019 Induction took place 1 – 3 March in Modimolle, Limpopo. The induction took place in a very beautiful camp called Effata, which had a pool and an open space which allowed students to socialise and interact. The first day of the induction was an opportunity for students to have fun, build & […]