Zenzele Dlamini

“I like to live by the saying: ‘If your dreams aren’t scaring you, they aren’t big enough.” Zenzele Dlamini’s first name means “do it yourself’ in Zulu and he has lived up to that name, never waiting around for anyone to help him do what he could do him-self. And it has paid off, considering […]

Lerato Modau

“I had the dreams, but I wouldn’t have been able to realise them alone.” “At her birthday party at school last year, she said: ‘You see, Mommy, you are making our lives better.’ “ When Lerato Modau was a little child, walking kilometres every day to fetch water and wood and then cooking and cleaning […]

Qaqamba Maxamba

 “(My mother) always used to tell me I could do whatever I wanted if I had a good education.” “Sharing what I know makes me happy. It always feels good to do it and see someone else progressing and knowing I had a part in that.”  Every time she and her mother squashed into the […]

Shafiya Sait

On the day Shafiya Sait graduated as a physiotherapist she lay on the rug-by field at Stellenbosch University and looked up at the sky with total gratitude. There is little about her journey that was easy, but she wakes up in the mornings happy. This 29-year-old grew up in Mitchell’s Plain in the Western Cape […]

Dibueng Bosman

“At high school it was hard to keep up with everyone’s expensive social life.” “My mother constantly tells me that I amaze her more and more.” Dibueng Bosman hopes more than anything that her mother will still be alive when she graduates and achieves career success. Her mom is 65 and retired at the beginning […]

Selina Thabede

Selina Thabede, a human resources administrator for an international company, dreams of emulating her benefactor, Martin Moshal, and lifting the life trajectory of other young people.  “When I see him I wonder if he realises the impact he has on our lives,” says Thabede, 25. “He has given us a future and hope, and for that […]

Teboho Mnguni

“The scholarship is one of the best things ever to have happened in my life.” “My grandmother is my rock to this day. She is literally the mother I never had, a warm, caring, true African strong woman.” A bright, well-spoken and committed student, Teboho Mnguni almost had to abandon his university studies for lack […]

Elior Ben Simon

“It was like winning the lottery – a gift from heaven! It was probably the best thing that has ever happened to me, apart from marrying my high school sweetheart Yael, of course!” When Elior was 19, one of his younger brothers was diagnosed with a serious illness. For six months his parents spent all […]

Sinovuyo Faku

“I was always hungry to learn new things”.” I see myself as an achiever and a fighter”. When Sinovuyo Faku was a boy, there was nothing he liked better than to dismantle toy cars and put them together again. It is no surprise that today he is in his first year of a four-year BSc […]

Nomakhaya Mkuzangwe

She went through a whole year without textbooks- “My philosophy is that if it makes me sweat then it’s worth the sacrifice, as the reward is greater.” The ‘Fees Must Fall’ protests, which severely disrupted university attendance throughout the country last year, wreaked havoc on students’ performance and Nomakhaya Mkuzangwe thought she was going to […]