Aisha Kamedien

Refusing to become a cape flats statistic Aisha Kamedien grew up in Lavender Hill on the Cape Flats, an impoverished area synonymous with drugs and gang violence. “Poor people, people of colour especially, are much more likely to be found in prison or hooked on drugs than in institutions of higher education, but I refused […]

Tal Eyal

Tal knows that it’s not going to be easy to find a job at the end of her degree, because she wants to work for a company that benefits the environment or develops life-saving medications. “Many chemical and biochemical companies are entirely focused on making a profit, but I want to find a job with […]

Lea Gorelik

Lea’s father died when she was seven years old and she was brought up by her mother, who supports the family by working as a cleaner. She is the youngest of three siblings. Now 24, she lives with her mother in the coastal town of Acco and commutes to University in Haifa. “After my father […]