Israel Annual Event

The Moshal Scholarship Program (MSP), now in its seventh year, sponsors 400 Israeli university students and 450 in South Africa and has over 200 Alumni. Each student receives a full scholarship for the length of his or her degree. The program works in partnership with 8 Israeli universities and focuses on subjects like engineering, computing and medicine, which qualify their scholars for good jobs.

This diverse group of students from Beer Sheva, Haifa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem all come from backgrounds where they experienced hardship, but they overcame these challenges to qualify for university. Moshal Scholarships are awarded to students who show exceptional determination and tenacity.

The Moshal Scholarship Program gives scholarships in Israel to Jews and Arabs of all backgrounds, including Chareidi, Bedouin, Druse, Arab Christian and Moslem students. They interact socially at the Moshal workshops and events throughout the year.

During their degrees, the scholars are encouraged and supported by the Moshal psycho-social team, because most of their parents never went to university and cannot advise them. They  attend workshops on study skills, exam preparation and time management, and learn how to look for appropriate jobs and prepare their CVs. They are paired with mentors who are often students from similarly challenging backgrounds who can advise them based on their own experiences.

Moshal recently added an advanced mentoring program for its graduates, partnering with Migdalor, a group of Israeli Navy officers from the Chovlim unit. They match each graduate with someone who has relevant business experience and a C+ title (CEO, CTO, CFO or a equivalent). It is hoped that this new joint venture will help Moshal graduates to set high personal goals and fulfil their career potential in the long term.

In the three years since the first cohort of Moshal scholars graduated, they have become sought-after employees. Many major Israeli companies and hi-tech start-ups appreciate that Moshal Scholars are driven to succeed and motivated to help others, and who have received excellent training and advice during their degree course.

Senior business leaders are invited to address the Moshal scholars at their annual gatherings. On Tuesday night they heard Daniel Birnbaum, CEO of SodaStream, sharing the secrets of how his company has overcome multiple challenges in recent years.  They also heard stories from visiting South African students, who are part of the same program, and who face similar challenges.

In addition to philanthropic support, Martin Moshal has become a role model to the students, and the speeches that he gives at their annual gatherings are greatly appreciated. He listed the soft skills that students should work on in order to fulfil their potential: Communication skills, teamwork and leadership skills, knowing how to make decisions, motivation and commitment, time management, flexibility, personal hygiene and good manners are all important!

“Soft skills are hard – you have to keep working on them throughout your life. The hard skills that you are learning at university may get you an interview, but it is your soft skills that will get you the job you want and help you to succeed in life!”