"I just want to say thank you so much for the best weekend ever in my life. It was inspiring, superb and educational". 

Moshal Scholar, SA



"I so appreciate everything the Moshal team has done for us. I had such an amazing weekend – the food was delicious and the rooms very posh and comfortable.

As it was my first time at the annual event, I expected boring talks and an uncomfortable environment. It turned out to be the opposite - I felt at ease and comfortable around the other scholars.

I never speak nor ask questions in public, but what was shared by others resonated so much with me that I realised even I could voice my opinions.

It is the little things that make you feel appreciated, such as when a student was ill over the weekend and we were asked to go see her. While I am not yet a doctor and probably could not have done much for her, your belief in me makes me want to work harder so that you can continue believing in me 


University of KwaZulu-Natal student, SA




"Thank you for the wonderfully well-planned weekend filled with fun, exploring, networking and learning. I didn’t get to meet all the people I had planned to, but I learnt from the people I met and the panel " .

University of KwaZulu-Natal student, SA




"This weekend really helped me out of my shell and I am so grateful. I was able to volunteer as a class representative when I would normally shy away. I was able to comfort a total stranger who ran past me crying. I went to see if she was okay and comforted her, making a new friend " .


University of Pretoria student, SA 




"On behalf of the UKZN students, we would like thank you for the lovely weekend. Everyone was amazing organizing it and the food was divine! ".

University of KwaZulu-Natal student, SA



"I would like to thank you for an inspiring, insightful and memorable weekend.

Thank you on behalf of the science students for the panel on Saturday. The session was helpful, the guests insightful and everyone participated.

All three guests helped with information about their careers, their corporate cultures, and advice on job applications " .


 Rhodes University student, SA 



"I was so moved by my first annual event. I want to express my deepest gratitude for all your hard work and for selecting me to be a part of this wonderful program.

I would have never thought that a single weekend could change my views of life and shape me into an even better individual. This weekend has brought out every emotion in me and inspired me to widen my horizons as to all the ways I can pay it forward!  " 

Stellenbosch student, SA



"From the depths of my heart, I just want to thank you guys for believing in me and encouraging me through my challenges and victories. The role you have played in my life will always be tattooed in my mind and my heart" 

4th year LLB, Howard College 




"I cannot express enough how fortunate and blessed I am to have you 3 ladies in my life. You have exposed me to a life that I could not even dream of.”
“You have been so genuine, loving and caring towards me and for that I will be forever grateful." 

4th yr LLB, Howard College 




"The event you organized for the First Years was perfect! I enjoyed all the activities and I met a lot of new people. It gave me more motivation to study and work hard. It was very clear that you put a lot of effort into it. Thank you very much" 

Vitali Lopushenko
1st year, Ben Gurion University 




"From the moment I came back home I couldn’t stop talking about how amazing the event was and how the lectures were so interesting. I didn’t imagine myself having so much fun. 
I got to know students from different universities around Israel. Thank you for your hard work, for caring so much, and for always supporting us. I can't wait for the next event"

Julianna Haik 
Braude College



"The event went beyond all my expectations. Thank you very much for all the help you gave to us.
I hope that someday I can pay back and help those who will come after me, and that I will make a positive change in my life and others as well."

Orwa Watad 
Hebrew University



"I arrived at the event very worried about my degree and you very quickly succeeded in putting a big smile on my face!
The lectures, the panels and meeting important people from Israeli companies  gave me a lot of motivation.
It made me want to reach as high as I can. I have learned so much. I have no words to express my appreciation.
Thank you for getting me back on track for a successful academic year ahead."

Nofar Tsalabi 
Braude College



"It was absolutely the most fulfilling and fun event that I have ever attended. The content that we received was very interesting and relevant. The panel was very professional and included some important people from industry.
It is great to know that someone is listening to our requests and making them happen.
I can't wait for the next Moshal event. Thank you so much for everything."

Mikhael Gerber 
Hebrew University



"I'm speechless… the event was absolutely amazing! We could tell how much effort and work you put into it, and purely to help us. There are no words that can express how grateful I am.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. "

Maher Abu Ghanim
Ben Gurion University



"You did it big time! You succeeded in passing on to us the spirit of Moshal and  giving us so much motivation!
The event gave us a lots of strength for the year ahead. I'm very grateful for all the activities you organized for us. It made me feel proud to belong to this wonderful and amazing program". 

Bat-el Atar
Ben Gurion University



" I would like to firstly congratulate you on a successful event this weekend.
I had loads of fun and alot of motivation, information and training that will help me in
all aspects of my studies and personal life.

Thank you so much for believing in me and trusting me with important aspects of the event this year.
It was my first time formally speaking infront of a crowd not to mention the High profile people that
were present at the Corporate Breakfast.

Thank you for putting me out there, for speaking to people on my behalf and for giving me a
platform to network and and connect myself.

I will use the contacts I got to my advantage and I’ve got my fingers crossed for a breakthrough."

Kind Regards
Sanelisiwe Sibiya



" Thank you so much for emailing this to me and thank you for giving me the opportunity to deliver the speech.
Through the event, I managed to get myself a mentor (Dr Mandisa Maholwana).
We haven't met as yet as she is busy travelling but we will as soon as she is back. I am excited."
Best regards
Qaqamba Maxamba

" I just wanted to say thank you for an absolutely spectacular weekend. I learnt so much and met so many new people.
I really appreciate the opportunity.
Thank you and the entire Moshal team for everything youput in to these events. It truly pays off."

Kind regards,
Andrea Young


"I have learned that there are doctors with extreme resilience and that inspired me also to embody that never-give-up spirit.
I learnt that I have great potential, and so do my fellow Moshal Scholars.
I gained many resources (over the weekend) and worked on my networking skills."
2nd year medic SA

"Continue with the amazing and heartfelt work you do – you inspire us to become great people. Thank you for the wonderful things you do for us on a daily basis. I appreciate it and it makes me want to keep giving of myself.
Now that I am a senior student I look forward to being able to make positive changes and help others."
4th year medic SA


"I found the session on buying an asset and understanding your pay slip particularly fascinating because I was able to use that for myself and share the lesson with my family so they could also gain from it."

1st year B.Com student SA


"The main learning I got (from the weekend) was about saving money and when using it, to think judiciously about the things I am spending it on.
I also learned how to creatively implement a social-change strategy in the community through focusing on an appeal or the impact on the individuals."

3rd year law student SA



"The Moshal Scholarship program has helped me believe I can change lives and I now really want to contribute to society.
I recently joined the Youth Empowerment Program and every Saturday we got to high schools and help matric students in their studies.
This has made me happy because I know every week I plant a seed in someone and hope that they grow and bear fruit."

3rd year Law Student SA


"The panel discussion was great. I got some excellent insights on what to expect in the world of work next year.
I left feeling motivated and ready to tackle the next semester."

B.Com Honours student SA



"The achievements of other Moshal Scholars inspired me to work even harder."


1st Year Health Sciences student  SA


"I now have better study methods that are less stressful. I have also learnt how to interact with people in a professional way."

2nd year B.Com Student SA



"One of the most significant things I learnt on the weekend was that in life you have many opportunities you should not miss and there are people who are so willing to help you. So, we need to keep working hard and believing in ourselves because the next generation is depending on the fruits we produce today."

1st year Engineering student SA


"I learnt to understand my strengths and weaknesses a lot better. I now know what my learning blockages are and how to overcome them."

1st Year Engineering student SA



"The weekend helped me believe I can achieve all my dreams and the challenges I have faced as young woman. I also learnt to be grateful for the opportunities I receive."

2nd year B.Com student SA


"I now believe that my background does not determine my future. What I am learning will enable me to make it and make a difference in other people`s lives. I am feeling so motivated."

1st Year student SA



"I was so motivated by hearing other scholars with life stories similar to mine."

1st year Computer Science student SA


"I got a lot out of learning that we, as people, have our own brands and we need to be seen as very valuable brands so that when people see us, they see people of great integrity."

2nd year BSc student  SA


"I learned that not everyone who does good for others expects anything in return.    That our backgrounds don't define us, we are stronger than what we think we are and if we put our minds to it we can achieve it. Challenges are meant to make us stronger and not break us. Giving up is never an option."

2nd year BSc student SA